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ItambiroAddress and Contact Information of Itambiro
Kyante BranchKyante branch,It is the headquqters of Kabarole Bukwenda, from fortportal town, you move a km along Fort Patal-Kampala road and then branch left at Busoro as you take kijura road, about 600m branch by Kyaninga lodge sign post and move about 8km in Rwengaju parish Busoro sub County, Kyante LC1, the committee Chairperson is Omuhereza,Mugabo.
Kidubuli BranchKidubuli branch, it is located at Kamengo vilage along the same way with Kyante only 4km before Kyante Lc1, the committee chairperson is Omuhereza Rugumayo on 0775635064
Wamigisa BranchWamigisa located along the same way with Kyante at Kidubuli village branch left and move to Wamikira, the committee Chairperson is Omuhereza Makune
Nyakaina BranchNyakaina branch is located 15km from town Fort Portal, you take Boma side and then Nyabukara trading centre,move to Harugongo sub county at Nyakaina LCI, the committee chairperson is Omuhereza Zahura.
Kyanika BranchKyanika Branch, located along the same way with Nyakaina only village and distance differs.
Mpinga BranchMpinga branch is located along the sane way with Nyakaina only village and distance differs.
Kyererezi BranchKyererezi Branch, located along Kijura road, from Fort Portal town you move about 20km in tea estates as you stretch to lake Albert,Ntoroko.
Mukatumba BranchMukatumba Branch, located along Kijura road and move about 10km along the same way but before Kyererezi
Mweru BranchMweru branch is only 1km from Fort Portal town along Kampala road, located at Njara East division Fort Portal municipality, contact the committee chairperson Omuhereza Murungi o 0782747203,
Karambi BranchKarambi branch is located along Fort Portal-Kasese road 5km from Fort Portal town, at Karambi sub county headquarters, branch left and move about 800m at Nyansozi village, contact the chairperson Omuhereza Kembabazi on 0754911605.
Kasinde BranchKasinde branch is located along Fort Portal-Kasese road. Branch right at Kasusu trading center then move right by DR Lt Rubongoya road/Rubingo road,then at Kasinde trading centre, one may possibly ask and will be well directed.Its about 7km from Fort Portal town.
Kanyambeho Branch Kanyambeho itambiro, Located along Fort Portal-Kamwenge road at Kanyambeho trading center towards Kiko town council. Its about 5km from Fort Portal town.Contact the committee member Omuhereza Murungi on: 0782917469
Rwengoma BranchRwengoma branch is located along Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road 0nly 1km from Fort Portal town , branch right by St.Paul Junior School and move 300m. Contact Omuhereza Kabaliisa a committee member on 0783418019.
Karago BranchKarago branch is located along Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road at karago town council, branch left.Karago branch is about 7km from Fort Portal. Contact the committee Chairperson Omuhereza Asiimwe on 0782053171.
Kanyamura BranchKanyamura branch is located along Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road on the same way with Karago.Branch left at Kitarasa primary school, move to Mabale trading center.Omuhereza Friday is the ommittee chairperson
Mubuhara BranchMubuhara branch is also located along Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road.Branch right at Kyaruhaza then move to Mubuhara LC1 and ask Omuhereza Rwandendere who is the committee chairperson

For more information contact the following Bakwenda so that they can easily direct you

  1. Omukwenda Amanyire Bwegendaho mukuru wa Bakwenda on 0774985141
  2. Omukwenda Basemera
  3. Omukwenda Kajuma on 0782505742
  4. omukwenda alinaitwe 0n 0782951449

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