You can contribute to the Faith of Unity Students to help us  improve on our services to you. We hope to provide better and user friendly services to you if we work together as believers. Your contribution will help us in improving our services as we build for the present and future!

Below are the ways  you can help us improve our services.

Information Support: You can provide us with information about any Itambiro you know about that is missing in our database. To do this, visit the page of your Bukwenda and read through the given details of Amatambiro and see which one is missing. Once you have identified the missing Itambiro, you can either contact us by email or phone. Click here to see our contact details

Financial Support: You can contribute financial support that can help us to effectively run our system online and meeting other operational costs. See our contact us  page for details

Give us advice: As the saying goes “Two heads are better than one”, your ideas and opinions can help us improve on our services to you. Together we can increase our network coverage. You can send in your advice or suggestions  through email or giving us a phone call. Click here to visit our contact us page for contact details.

You can submit your advise from the form below. You must have an email address in order for you to complete the form below. If you don’t have an email, please give us a call. Phone details are on our contact us page.