The Faith of Unity Students held a one day seminar with the aim of creating awareness amongst students in Kabarole Bukwenda. The seminar took place on 14/04/089 at Mweru Itambiro located in Njara Village, Fortportal Municipality, Kabarole district.

The seminar brought together students in high institutions of learning within Kabarole Bukwenda and the neighboring districts. The seminar started the teaching of the 23 Numbers which are written in THE BOOK OF GOD OF THE AGE OF ONENESS, WE ARE ONE IN THE LORD GOD OF HOSTS, DISUNITY HAS ENDED, under the lesson PREPARATION.

The FOUS Coordinator Kabarole region Omuhereza Kobumu Agonzebwa elaborated on the vision, mission and objectives of FOUS to everyone present. This gave new insights to the seminar participants about FOUS. Majority of the students didn’t know about the in-depth knowledge of FOUS and its background mission and objectives.

The former FOUS Chairperson Omuhereza Mugisa Basaija enriched the learning of the participants with more information about FOUS especially the FOUS achievements.

In his speech, Dr. Abigaba, a Lecture at Makerere University College of Veterinary Medicine gave an extensive coverage about the Faith of Unity and how best students can prepare their souls.

The students through their leaders called upon Bakwenda to start up a mentoring exercise or campaign in the Faith of Unity indoctrinating the young children to grow up knowing their faith and also loving it. Students  also requested Bakwenda to follow up on the Faith of Unity Curriculum to ensure that it is implemented it in schools and higher institutions of learning.

The Bakwenda from Kabarole also gave students a warm environment and encouraged them to always conduct seminars in Kabarole Bukwenda and other Bukwenda in order to strengthen and build morale other students.

The Chief Guest Omukwenda Muguuda called upon to make the right choices in their career path and that they should also ask for God’s blessings in anything they are doing.  He advised them to stay focused while in school and to also keep up the spirit of Love and togetherness within the Faith.

Story by Omuhereza Bagonza Mugabo

FOUS Holds a Seminar in Kabarole Bukwenda