Kagadi Itambiro has today joined the rest of the world to celebrate the day when Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka touched on a person and got healed instantly. It was on this day way back on 22nd February 1980, when Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka accepted and touched a person and the person got healed! This happened after Owobusobozi Bisaka receiving a voice of God commanding Him, “You shall heal people by touching them.”
Owobusobozi Bisaka has since then healed many people of their spiritual and bodily diseases.


Speaking at the event Omuhereza Bisoborwa Birinobwa, RDC Buliisa congratulated Faith of Unity Believers upon reaching this great day. He said that people should always work together and focus on working hard and smart for the well being of their children so that they can have a better and peaceful  life when they grow up.

Meanwhile the Chairman of Kagadi Itambiro Omuhereza Bigirwa Biraahwa said that one who is educated is the one who knows and understands the words written in “The Book of God of The Age of Oneness of Oneness We Are One in The Lord of Hosts Disunity Has Ended”. “He who understands the words finds it easy to do his job very. Be it in office, at home and any other kind of job.


Kagadi Itambiro Joins the Rest of the World to Celebrate 22nd of Kusemererwa