The leaders of Kyegegwa district including Members of Parliament and local leaders have saluted the believers of the Faith of Unity for supporting the removal of the presidential age limit from the constitution.

On December 20 last year, a total of 317 MPs voted in favour of the motion to lift the age limit whereas 97 members were against.

President Museveni signed into law the controversial Constitution Amendment Bill No. 2 of 2017 popularly known as the age limit bill passed by Parliament last year.

Addressing the believers of the Faith of Unity   at Kikurungo Itambiro in Kyaka County, Kyegegwa district, the leaders also hailed Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka, the leader and founder of the Faith of Unity for rallying His followers for supporting the government of Uganda  amend for a flexible constitution.

The leaders included the LC5 chairperson Hon. Mukama Kisoke John, MP Kyaka North Hon. Asaba Nsabimana Paul and former Kyegegwa district woman MP Hon. Sylivia Kabahenda Rwabuhoro among others.

The Honorable MP for Kyaka North in Kyegegwa district, Asaba Nsabimana Paul promised to write to president Museveni about the remarkable role played by Owobusobozi Bisaka during the struggle to amend the constitution to lift the presidential age limit.

The former Kyegegwa district woman MP Sylivia Kabahenda Rwabuhoro tasked leaders to advocate for plans to make the Faith of Unity Headquarters in Kapyemi, Muhorro Town Council Kagadi District an attraction Centre.

Meanwhile, in His speech, the founder and leader of the faith of unity religion, Owobusobozi Bisaka challenged his followers and political leaders to always have trust and respect in God if they want to prosper and meet their daily needs.He ordained  hundreds of  Abahereza on this day. Omuhereza is a person who serves God. Kuhereza is a Runyoro word meaning to serve. In His message to Abahereza, Owobusobozi Bisaka said that a Muhereza doesn’t take alcohol since alcohol can force you to do things which are not right. “Alcohol can make you have thoughts that are not right, alcohol doesn’t have respect. Therefore your role to help those who are still drinking alcohol to  take little of it and if possible to tell them to stop drinking. “ says Owobusobozi Bisaka. He continued to say that many people have lost their jobs because of drinking alcohol

Kyegegwa Leaders Salute The Believers Of The Faith Of Unity For Supporting The Removal Of The Presidential Age Limit From The Constitution