One of the many roles of spiritual leaders is to facilitate spiritual growth of the faithful but the Leader and Founder of The Faith of Unity, Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka has gone even further to facilitate development in different in Uganda and the world
On the 14th January 2018, followers in Kapyemi Bukwenda (a collection of many Matambiro) praised Owobusobozi Bisaka for championing health and education through constructing schools and health centres.

Omukwenda Alinaitwe says Owobusobozi is a man of great vision who has played a big role in transforming greater Kibaale and the world  into a spiritual hub for holistic development through His leadership character.
Meanwhile Owobusobozi  Bisaka welcomed and received the gifts offered to him by his followers over his tremendous work.
Among others, His followers gave him over cattle, goats, chicken, matooke and over 50 million thanking Him for protecting them and blessing them all the time.
Owobusobozi also lauded His followers for remembering and appreciating His good deeds.

Owobusobzi Bisaka Praised for Promoting Unity and Inspiring Development