On the 04 /09/2016 we had a FOUS meeting for institutions within Kagadi town. 11 members turned up. 7 of them were new members. 3 of us were old members. 1 was a visitor who is the Education Minister for Paradigm Institute of Business and Media Studies. Members were introduced to the Background, FOUS Mission, Vision and objectives by the guest speaker Omuhereza Mwinganiza.
Omuhereza Mwinganiza also highlighted on the role and FOUS Members in publicizing the Faith of Unity. The members also discussed on the forth coming retreat to Kapyemi.

FOUS Members after the meeting
FOUS Members after the meeting

The Education Minister Paradigm Institute of Media Studies acknowledged and appreciated the work done by FOUS. He requested that whenever we have such meetings, we should always inform him in advance so that he can make arrangements for other students to come and participate in them so that they can learn from the Faith of Unity.

After the speeches, we had a reading (Human Intelligence Page 18 starting from Paragraph 72 to 79), that was preached by Omuhereza Mwinganiza and read by Omuhereza Mbabazi-Paradigm Representative.

The meeting was closed with a closing prayer leade by Omuhereza Bagonza, a Muhereza from from Kagadi Itambiro and an employee at Paradigm Institute of Media Studies.

FOUS Inter-institutional Visit at Paradigm Institute